Vampire Contact Lenses

Our top picks for Vampire Contact Lenses. Perfect for your Vampire Halloween Costume this year! Gothika is based right here in the United States and only carries lenses that are FDA Cleared for sale in the USA! This year bring out your inner bloodsucker with the perfect pair of vampire contact lenses from Gothika! Choose a pair of lenses to learn more!


Vampires Over The Years

Over the past 70 years we have seen the image of the vampire transition so many times. The original bloodsucker was a dark hideous creature that lived in the shadows. Then the vampire began to be romanticised. Dracula casting a spell over his victims so they exhibit undying love. Then we saw a dramatic shift. Vampires became sexy.

The great versatility of the vampire image give you freedom to incorporate almost any color contact lens. Selive from Underworld with aqua and steel blue eyes. Louis lenses from Interview With the Vampire with green eyes, the Cullins from Twilight with their golden amber eyes or the tradional Red Vampire contact lenses you can't go wrong.

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